The 1940's

The first half of the 1940s was marked by World War II, and Geistown residents felt the effects everyday. Young men and women sacrificed their youths to serve their country. Geistown Borough alone sent nearly 145 young people to the service.

Few people, especially young people, had cars, so teenage girls would take lengthy walks for entertainment—up to Oak Ridge Drive on Bedford Street or to Scalp Hill on Route 56. The Red Geranium was still a popular restaurant with its fancy dining room, and for young people, a new place opened in Richland: Ripples Drive-In Restaurant. The conclusion of the war signaled a bright future for Americans, and in Geistown the business community immediately began to grow. In 1946 Saylor Brothers Hardware opened a small 30’ x 30’ store next to the Nees store. Saylor Bros. was the first non-food or gasoline establishment on the hill.

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