Zoning Land Use and Review

Geistown Borough has had ordinances impacting zoning and land use since 1968 Ordinance #434 is the current zoning ordinance. There are Pennsylvania and federal laws and court decisions that are rendered from time to time that impact and even supersede Borough ordinances.

Generally, the purpose of zoning is to promote and protect public health, safety, morals, and general welfare; provide for proper population density; to encourage the best and most appropriate use of land and structures and to provide for low intensity residential, commercial and service uses, given the compact size and development patterns of the Borough.

Zoning Districts

  • R1 – Single Family Residential District
  • R2 – Two Family Residential District
  • C - Commercial District
  • M1 – Light Manufacturing District
  • FP – Flood Plain
  • AZ – Airport Zoning District Overlay

An official zoning map, which highlights these particular areas, is displayed in council chambers. You are welcome to view this map at any time. While the districts are somewhat self explanatory, Ordinance #434 details all the restrictions and qualifications that are applicable in a particular district and the appropriate uses relative to each district.

Requirements, such as minimum lot sizes, building setbacks for fronts, rear and side yards, are also detailed in Ordinance #434.

No building or land shall be used or occupied and no building or part thereof shall be erected, moved, or altered unless in conformity with the regulations for the district in which it is located, and then only after applying for and securing all building, occupancy, and any other permits and license required by all laws and ordinances of the Borough of Geistown.

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