Other Ordinances and Matters

Geistown Borough has adopted the BOCA Property Maintenance Code. The national code details how properties must be maintained as to health, safety and general welfare. The Zoning Officer can supply you with relevant information as to this code.

There are many other ordinances that apply to Geistown Borough that do not pertain to zoning and land use. Those establishing streets, alleys, stop signs, snow removal, garbage collection, taxes, door-to-door solicitation, the height of grass and weeds, etc., are covered by ordinance or resolution. An ordinance or resolution is the primary legal conduit by which Borough Council establishes policy and law. The ordinances are maintained in the Borough office and are available for your inspection.

On street parking is prohibited in Geistown Borough from December 1 through April 1 for the purpose of snow removal. The task of snow removal is difficult and time consuming for the Borough Road Department. Vehicles parked on Borough streets hinder the proper completion of snow removal. This parking restriction applies to the entire time frame between the dates listed above. There are no exceptions. Your cooperation on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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