Borough Board Information

Zoning Hearing Board

Shelia Chilcote
Attorney Tim Leventry
Mark Funyak

2 Open Positions

Planning Commission

Sue Stager - Chair
Earl Waddell - Vice Chair

Jacob A. Morisi
Linda Sell

1 Open Position

Leonard Beiter - Secretary

Highland Sewer and Water Authority

Earl Waddell
Thomas Morisi
Ronald Samuel
Jeff Sernell
Donna Locher

Municipal Authority Board

William Schrader
Ed Haberkorn
Earl Waddell
Lloyd Rager
Karen Giebfried

Storm Water/Emergency Management

Today's world can be filled with uncertainty, but knowledge is the key to being ready. Our part may not be as large as some but we are doing it

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Tips for Homeowners

Submit a Storm Water Issue

Community Alerts

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